Preparing an Offer

After you have found the right home, it is time to prepare the offer!

When you are buying a home, be sure to review the seller's disclosure to ensure you know the condition of the property. Here are six questions you may want to ask that can offer additional insight about the prospective home before you make a final decision.

  1. Why is the seller selling the house? Whether its sentiment or location, understanding motivating of the sellers is crutial to writing an offer they will accept. 
  2. How much did the seller pay for the home? This question can help the buyer negotiate a better deal. However, it is important to remember that the purchase price is influenced by several factors, like the current market value and any improvements the seller may have made to the home. 
  3. Has the seller had any problems with the home in the past? It is also a good idea to review the seller's disclosure to understand any of the problems that the seller had while living there. 
  4. Are there any lakes, parks, or community centers nearby? Research the community & neighborhood to ensure that you are moving to an area that area fits your lifestyle. 
  5. How are the public schools in the area? Because the value of a community is usually greatly influenced by the public schools in the area, flearning about the education system can give you great insight about the quality of your neighborhood. 

Knowing all you can about a prospective home, not only helps you decide if it's the home of your dreams, but what offer to make as well. Your real estate professional can help you get your key questions answered and give you advice on how to evaluate your findings.